How much does it cost for my dog to be groomed?

There are many factors that can affect to the price of your pet’s grooming. Among these factors include breed, hair texture, the specified haircut, and even matting. Feel free to stop by when booking the appointment for an accurate quote, or we will let you know when you drop off your dog before his or her appointment.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Walk-ins are generally not accepted. Please try to book an appointment at least 2 weeks in advance, or even longer if it's your first visit.

Why no one answers phone? / Why am I not getting the text message back?

We are a very busy grooming salon with no receptionist. So we are not accepting the calls to avoid distractions and interruptions during grooming process. We usually respond to your text message by the end of the next business day.

Can I stay with my dog?

No. This is not a good idea as this prevents us forming a friendship with your dog and can cause a distraction to the grooming process. Most dogs behave much better without their owners there to distract them.

How long will my dog’s grooming take?

The amount of time it takes for pet grooming varies by breed, coat/physical condition, age, temperament, and style. Our average time out the door is 4 hours after drop off, and 5 or 6 hours for two dogs. Most dogs do not respond favorable to being rushed. We ensure the dogs get plenty of rest breaks in between the steps to prevent them from feeling overwhelmed. Our main concern is the welfare of your pet while in our care and to make it an enjoyable experience for them.

Can you groom a dog with behavioral issues? (Biting, separation anxiety, fear, etc.)

We can try only if the owner will leave the dog with us all day. Most of the cases, these type of dogs need more time in non-distracted environment. We will see how the dog responds and work with his/her term.

What happens if my pet becomes nervous or afraid during the grooming process?

We always try our very best to keep your pets’ experience positive. In the rare event that your pet is fearful and cannot be soothed, we will stop the grooming process and contact you immediately for further instructions. We are not here to force or upset your pet. We are here to provide a good experience to your pet and show them there is no need to be afraid. We want to show them that grooming can be pleasurable experience!

How will I know when my dog is ready to be picked up?

We will text you as soon as your pet is finished and ready to be picked up. Please do not show up before we contact. Once your pet sees you, they get so excited that we may not be able to finish the grooming.

Do you sedate my dog?

Absolutely not. We do not sedate any animals. We are not certified veterinarians and would not be allowed to administer sedatives or other drugs. Please ask your vet for advice. Sedated animals require special care and may be refused service if not arranged for prior to appointment.

Will my dog be muzzled?

No. We are a stress-free grooming salon and believe that all dogs should enjoy a muzzle-free grooming.

How often should my dog be groomed?

This depends on the owner and the dog, however we do suggest most breeds be groomed every 4-6 weeks to ensure a matt free clean coat.

Can I bring some treats with my dog?

Yes. We always encourage owners to bring a few treats to reward their dog. You are also welcome to bring one of your dog’s favorite toys or blanket if it makes them feel more at home. We often give treats to the dogs. If your dog has a special diet or medical problem which does not permit this, please inform us.

What shampoos do you use?

We only use top quality professional dog shampoos. With many types to choose from, we are sure to have a shampoo suited to your dogs coat type. We are continually searching for the best grooming products for your pet.

Can you use a shampoo supplied by my vet?

Yes. We also carry our own medicated shampoos, which we highly recommend for pets with problem skin, itching, redness etc. Please ask us for a recommendation based on your dogs skin/coat.